Hi I’m Rick Jesse, I’m a small business owner who lives and works in North Yorkshire.


My business is called Wall Glamour and we specialise in Interior Wall Graphics, these are usually large photographic wall murals that we apply in Hospitals, Schools and Businesses throughout the UK.


We work with leading commercial interior designers and architects to make engaging spaces.


Wall Glamour® started life as an website, where I designed and made our wall stickers before moving into commercial interiors. Over the last 8 years of business we have sold thousands of wall stickers into homes all over the UK, Europe, USA and the rest of the World. And we have installed graphics and murals in Businesses, Universities, Schools and Pre-Schools. And for one of our clients we have installed wall art in most of the UK’s major hospitals.


After installing thousands of metres of print we have become very aware of the impact the work we do has on the users of the spaces. We have seen the reaction of users and clients first-hand. Often the comments come from the excitement at the transformation they have seen, faces light up and people have been awestruck by the images and the design schemes that have been installed.


When you take a blank wall and apply an image of a forest or a sandy beach, people are transported into a totally different world.


Wall Glamour® not only provides bespoke printed mural and graphics, we also help designers deliver ‘user experiences’. This is the real essence of what we do.


In the gym, we provide focus points for those training. The images and text can be used to boost intrinsic motivation; to run faster, to lift more weight, to push further.


In healthcare we do not just add colour to the building; we provide children with a place that is fun and engaging. We remove the emphasis from their illness and focus on the playful world around them. We install images that distract their attention from procedures in treatment rooms. Adults can also benefit; mentally distancing them from the immediate reality of serious illness. Images of landscapes can transport the mind to faraway places or beautiful countryside and trigger positive memories.


In business, it is now widely understood that staff are motivated by a number of contributing factors, including the company culture and their surroundings. Creating an environment that is open, trusting and fun can be achieved by using the environment to communicate key messages, thanks or successes. It can also give employees a sense of their value, while reinforcing the company ethos. All this can be achieved with thoughtful design.


Inspirational spaces are created via the furniture you chose, the textures, the colours, the flow around the space, and the art on the walls – these are all integral parts of exceptional interiors.


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