Wall Glamour® not only provides bespoke printed mural and graphics, we also help designers deliver ‘user experiences’. This is the real essence of what we do.

In the gym, we provide focus points for those training. The images and text can be used to boost intrinsic motivation; to run faster, to lift more weight, to push further.

In healthcare, we provide children with a place that is fun and engaging. We remove the emphasis from their illness and focus on the playful world around them. Installing images that distract their attention from procedures in treatment rooms. Adults can also benefit; mentally distancing themselves from the here and now. Images of landscapes can transport the mind to faraway places and beautiful countryside that can trigger positive memories.

In business, it is now widely understood that staff are motivated by a number of contributing factors, including their surroundings. Creating an environment that is open, trusting and a fun place to be can be achieved by using the building as a communications tool. It can give employees a sense of their value, while reinforcing the company ethos. All this can be achieved with thoughtful design.

Inspirational spaces are created via the furniture you chose, the textures, the colours, the flow around the space, and the walls – these are all integral parts of exceptional interiors.


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