Wall Mural

Wall Murals

If you want impact then a full photographic wall mural is the way to go. We have installed thousands of square metres of wall murals all over the UK. We install our murals in drops of 1300mm by any height, meaning you can have a high ceiling 30m long corridor wrapped in a fantastic image of the coast. Our murals are printed onto a high-tack self adhesive vinyl which is over laminated with a matt laminate, therefore making it fully wipeable and also waterproof which means you can have an image in a shower or wet room.





Wall StickersWall Stickers

We started life as a wall sticker company and this is one of the products we still use extensively. The beauty of wall stickers is they can cover a large area cost effectively. Our wall stickers are also removable and given a sound painted surface can be removed a few years later with no problems. We can print wall stickers then cut to any size and shape, we can also cut from single colour vinyl.

If it is spaceships, fish, swooshes or words, dolphins, boats, flowers or birds we can print and cut a wall sticker to fit.




Window GraphicsWindow Graphics

Whilst some window manifestations may be a legal requirement they don’t have to be boring. We can print and cut window graphics onto etch effect vinyl, which lets the light through but provides privacy, or we can print onto optically clear films, giving perfect vision around the printed design. Our window films can be a photograph or a simple swoosh to let people know there is a window or door there.

We often install window graphics as part as an overall scheme, meaning the design doesn’t have to stop when the wall does.




External Wall WrapExternal Wall Wraps

In the last few years products have come to market that allow us to wrap the exterior wall of a building. Whilst this technique originated in the short term advertising market, more interior designers and architects are using the idea to beautify brick or block walls. The process is much the same as internal wall murals except these are heated into the recess of the rough block work with a heat-gun and a roller.

Wall Wraps are great for break-out spaces or for tight courtyards where a photographic image of rolling hills can take away the claustrophobia of the space. Wall wraps can also be great in differentiating a building from lots of similar looking facades in a street or industrial estate. Or they can be a cost effective way of hiding a building in a landscape where a breeze block office might look out of place or draw your attention from the natural vistas.

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